This Fallout fan turned a limited edition mini nuke into a tiny PC

The Fallout Collector usually focuses on highlighting his impressive collection of memorabilia for the post-nuclear RPG series, but recently he tried a PC built in the plastic warhead that came with the Fallout Anthology Bethesda released in 2015. The flavorful fake plastic bomb is meant to hold the DVDs that come with the anthology, but it also turns out to be roomy enough to fit some silicon and a power supply instead.

It’s a similar project as a build by Linus Tech Tips from back around the anthology’s release, but with some key differences. Luke at LTT opted for a more traditional PC build, lengthening the case with a 3D-printed case and cramming a then-top of the range i7 6700K and R9 Fury Nano into the heavily modified mini-nuke.

Credit: The Fallout Collector

The Fallout Collector opted for a smaller system with a lower power, which meant fewer changes to the case were needed. He moved a NUC, a small form factor PC from Intel with a very compact motherboard, into the new case. The Fallout Collector changed the insert intended to hold the games in a base to mount the motherboard, with a power supply on the bottom of the case and holes in the sides for IO ports.

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