14 Best Free and Premium Google Maps Plugins for WordPress

Google Maps WordPress Plugins provide the most effective way to add Google Maps to your WordPress site.

There they are alternatives, of course. Many contact form plugins have options to include a map. Also, many WordPress themes add customizable maps to their predefined layouts.

Even so, these solutions are usually pretty basic and only allow you to display one location at a time.

In this post, we’ve put together a collection of Google Maps plugins for WordPress that offer a lot of variety in the way they create and display Google Maps.

Let’s start.

The Best Google Maps Plugins for WordPress

01. Advanced Google Maps

Advanced Google Maps is an intuitive map builder plugin for WordPress with a long list of robust features for you to play with. It also has a free version.

You start by adding your map creators as you would any other Google Maps plugin, but the list of features and options you can configure continues from there.

Categorize bookmarks with assigned icons and colors, create filtered views for locations and categories, add info windows and list descriptions, display directions and directions, include lightning bolt shapes, add dynamic placeholders, and more.

There are also several map styles to choose from and different skins.

The premium version costs $59.

02. Store Locator

store locator

Store Locator is the perfect Google Maps WordPress plugin for businesses with more than one location or directory sites.

Not only does it allow you to add a multi-marker map to your website, it also shows you a side panel listing all your locations, as well as a form that visitors can use to search for specific locations.

Also includes geolocation.

The plugin has several types of maps and skins, as well as many customizable options. You can also add geometric shapes to define your service radius and include directions.

There’s even a filter option that allows visitors to hide locations that aren’t currently open.

This plugin costs $34.

03. Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps is a store locator plugin with a front-end aesthetic similar to what you see in Google Material Design UI Styles.

View multiple locations at once and organize them into different categories with map marker icons.

You can even add details to each listing so that they appear in a pop-up info card on the front-end map.

The plugin even has several road styles to choose from and customizations that you can configure in its own editor.

This plugin costs $29.

04. Hero maps

hero maps

Hero Maps is a powerful Google Maps WordPress plugin that comes with its own easy-to-use, drag-and-drop builder.

Add one or as many map markers as you like and even group them into categories. Each tag/category can even have its own style and pin icon, and visitors can filter by category on the frontend.

You can also apply shapes to maps. For example, add a circle to define your delivery radius or connect two markers to indicate a flight path.

There are also numerous styling options to choose from, including eight skins.

This plugin costs $20.

05. Super Store Locator

Super Store Locator

Super Store Finder is one of the most customizable store location plugins available for WordPress. It works with the latest Google Maps API and has many different model designs.

Add an unlimited number of locations to your map and organize them with store tags and categories to create filters.

You can also create different filters for specific regions and countries.

All of your locations are displayed in a panel on the frontend, depending on the template layout you choose. There is also a search form that visitors can use to filter the results however they want.

The plugin’s map builder is also intuitive and is compatible with Elementor, WPBakery Page Builder, and Cornerstone page builder plugins.

The plugin costs $25.

06. Google Maps Widget

Google Maps Widget

This Google Maps plugin works through a widget that you configure in a hidden widget area on the WordPress Widgets page. This widget allows you to add a central location and as many pins as you need to a thumbnail or interactive map.

The plugin, which also has a free versionis one of the most customizable options in this list, so you can also use this widget to apply different styles.

There are over a dozen predefined color schemes, 20+ lightbox skins, custom pin colors, custom map sizes, and much more.

There are also four different map types: road, terrain, satellite and hybrid.

After configuring your widget, drag it to an actual widget area or paste the generated shortcode into any post or page.

Premium version pricing starts at $29/year.

07. MapPress


MapPress is a free and easy-to-use Google Maps plugin that works with the block and classic editors in WordPress. It has over 60,000 active installs.

It’s a simple plugin, but you can still add unlimited number of map markers and create as many maps as you need.

The UI is just as simple. You use the standard WordPress editing UI or the popup editor that appears on the map itself.

There is also a premium version which includes support for custom bookmarks and clustering. It costs as low as $49.95/year for three sites.

08. WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps

WP Google Maps is one of the most popular Google Maps plugins available for WordPress, with over 400,000 active installs of its free version by myself.

By entering an address in the map making tool, you can create as many map markers as you need. Then insert the map into any post or page with a shortcode or Elementor widget.

Four different map styles are available and you can set parameters for height, width and zoom levels.

The premium version costs $39.99 for three site licenses.

09. Programandss map

progress map

Progress Map is a store locator plugin that displays business listings on Google Maps.

You create new maps and add locations via a form similar to those found throughout the WordPress backend.

These locations are given map markers on the frontend, and a carousel of all their listings appears on the side or bottom of the map.

Visitors can even filter locations to find them faster.

There are also custom bookmarks, over 70 styles to choose from, and other customizable features.

This plugin costs $59.

10. Google Maps Locator

Google Maps Locator

Google Maps Locator is a Google Maps plugin designed to show multiple locations at once, like store locations, Tesla charging stations, or even something as simple as decent skateboarding spots.

It works the same as similar plugins, allowing you to add as many map markers as you like, except this one includes support for frontend submissions.

This means that your site visitors can contribute to your map by adding their own locations, giving you the opportunity to create a valuable resource for any community you are a part of.

This plugin costs $29.

11. Simple Shortcode for Google Maps

Simple Shortcode for Google Maps

This free plugin adds a map to any post or page via a shortcode. Just create a shortcode with your location address (you can add as many addresses as you need) as well as your Google Maps API key.

Any customization you want to do must also be done using the plugin’s own shortcode parameters.

Currently, there are parameters for height, width, zoom level, scroll wheels and map controls.

12. Map Block for Google Maps

Map Block for Google Maps

This free plugin adds a simple map block to the Block/Gutenberg editor in WordPress. It was developed by the same team that created the Google Maps Widget.

However, this plugin is much simpler. You can only add one location to your map and it is not customizable outside of the map height and zoom level.

Still, it’s a quick and efficient way to let your customers know where you are if you only need to display one location at a time.

13.10 Web Map Builder

10 Web Map Builder

10Web Map Builder is a versatile Google Maps plugin. Use it to display a single location on Google Maps or use it as a store location map listing all the addresses your business manages.

Group bookmarks into categories and display detailed information cards for listings.

Choose from five map styles and six themes. You can also add shapes anywhere on the map to define radii, as well as add directions for common types of public transport.

Configuration options are also available for Google Maps map controls, including choosing your position on the map itself.

This plugin comes with 15+ additional plugins from 10Web. Developer membership pricing starts at $85/six months for three sites.

14. Easy Google Maps

Easy Google Maps

Easy Google Maps is a surprisingly powerful Google Maps plugin given its simple appearance. It also comes in a free versionwhich has over 40,000 active installs on WordPress.org.

It lets you create a map with multiple marker locations, and while it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing option on this list, it’s effective as a Google Maps tool.

There are custom themes for design and you can assign different bookmark icons to different location types.

You can even customize map controls, add filters, and include alternate routes and routes.

Premium version pricing starts at $46/year for one site.

final thoughts

All Google Maps WordPress plugins help you to display Google Maps with at least one location marked on your website, making it difficult to choose just one.

Fortunately, the options in this list differ in the way they allow you to create maps and the way they appear on the frontend of your site.

Take both into account when choosing. You want a plugin that is easy to use and displays all the information you think your visitors need on a map.

Our advanced Google Maps uses a familiar user interface and you can add an unlimited number of map markers and categorize them with your own icons. It has several styling options as well.

On the frontend, your visitors can use the map’s search and filter options to find what they need, and even view pop-up information cards that list extra details about each location.

This plugin costs $59 with extended support available at a discount.

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